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Broken Timing Belt Replacement – Toyota I4 5SFE Engine

This video will show you how to re-align the crankshaft and camshaft pulleys on a typical Toyota 4 cylinder engine (5SFE) prior to installing a new timing belt. The 5SFE 4 cylinder engines is used on the ’89 – ’01 Toyota Camry, Solara, RAV4 and some Celica’s. It’s always a good practice to replace the timing belt pulleys and water pump if you intend to get 100k miles of usage out of the new belt. Worn bearings will wobble placing undue stress on any new belt which will cause premature belt breakage. Also, getting another 100K miles out of your existing water pump would be wishful thinking. The OEM providers for Toyota are: 1. Timing belt – Mitsuboshi 2. Idler and Tensioner Pulleys – Koyo 3. Water Pump – Aisin

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