2020 Porsche 911 Carrera S – Awesome Car!!

The new 2020 Porsche 911 – a design icon and high-tech sports car An exterior design that draws on earlier generations of the 911 The exterior design is familiar and yet unmistakably new.

The eighth-generation 911 is wider, more assertive, and more advanced. Wider fenders arch over the large 20-inch wheels at the front and 21-inch wheels at the rear. All models now feature the wider body previously reserved for 911 Carrera 4, GTS and GT3 models, which is 1.7 inches (44 mm) wider at the rear fenders.

The front end of all models – now 1.8 inches (45 mm) wider – revives a traditional feature of earlier 911 generations : a front luggage compartment lid with a distinctive recess in front of the windshield. Both elements visually lengthen the front of the vehicle and give it a particularly dynamic appearance.

At the same time, the newly developed LED headlights illustrate how technology has advanced in the 911. These headlights are integrated into the fenders almost seamlessly, and feature the round and upright shape characteristic of classic 911 models.

Flush integration of the door handles that extend when needed emphasize the tapered and smooth side contour. The exterior mirrors have also been redesigned and are optimized to reduce wind noise. The rear of the new 911 is dominated by the significantly wider, variable-position spoiler and the seamless, elegant light bar.

The vertically arranged louvers of the rear decklid grille above the air intake echo the contours of the rear window.

As a distinguishing feature, the rear-wheel-drive Carrera S models have black louvers, while the all-wheel-drive Carrera 4S models have silver elements.

The centrally located third brake light has also been integrated into the rear decklid grille. Since this is obscured when the rear spoiler is extended, there is a second brake light mounted in the spoiler itself. With the exception of the front and rear fasciae, the entire outer skin of the car is now made of aluminum.

Redesigned interior with clear lines The interior is distinctive, with clear, straight lines and recessed instruments defining the dashboard. The 911 models from the 1970s provided the inspiration here as well.

As in the original 911, the new dashboard covers the entire width between two horizontal levels. Alongside the centrally positioned tachometer, two thin, frameless freeform displays provide information to the driver.

Below the new Porsche Communication Management (PCM) system, a control panel of five buttons with the look of classic toggle switches creates the transition to the center console controls. The seats have also been fundamentally modified.

The adapted geometry offers significantly better lateral support in the shoulder areas. Although the seat is now positioned five millimeters lower than in the previous model and has a minimally thinner seat cushion, seating comfort has been improved overall.

New assistance systems increase safety and comfort As a world first, Porsche has developed the Wet Mode, which is included as standard equipment on the 2020 Porsche 911.

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